Eric "the" Taylor, Rupert Greenall, Jerry Marotta, David Helpling


Jerry Marotta


Jerry Marotta is a renowned drummer and percussionist, celebrated for his versatile playing style that has graced countless albums and live performances. With a career spanning several decades, Marotta has worked with a diverse array of artists, including Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, and Indigo Girls, showcasing his ability to adapt to various musical genres. Known for his dynamic and emotive playing, Marotta brings a unique energy to every project, making him a sought-after collaborator in the music industry. Beyond his impressive session work, Jerry also contributes to several bands and musical projects including Reelin’ in the Years and Security Project, further cementing his legacy as one of the most influential drummers in contemporary music. In addition, to performing and recording, Jerry manages the legendary Dreamland Recording Studios.

Rupert Greenall


Rupert Greenall, a distinguished keyboardist renowned for his work with The Fixx, The Fragile Fate, and Dark Sky Alliance, brings a rich tapestry of soundscapes to every project he touches. With a career spanning several decades, Greenall’s innovative use of synthesizers has become a signature element of The Fixx’s new wave rock sound, infusing their music with a unique blend of textures and sonic layers. Beyond The Fixx, his collaborations with The Fragile Fate and Dark Sky Alliance showcase his versatility and ability to adapt his distinct style to a variety of musical contexts, always adding a depth and complexity that enhances the overall sound. Greenall’s contributions to music extend beyond performance; his creative approach to keyboard and synthesizer play has influenced a generation of musicians and continues to resonate within the industry.

Eric “the” Taylor


Ambient architect Eric “The” Taylor, originally a drummer in Upstate NY’s early ’90s alternative scene, transitioned to composing with electronic drums and synthesizers, crafting his unique modern compositions. In Woodstock, NY, he refined his skills under Jerry Marotta and Rupert Greenall, co-founding the ambient group The Fragile Fate. Their debut, “Lilliam Ocean,” was re-released by Trey Gunn‘s 7D Media. Taylor’s collaborations include work with Tony Levin, Robert Rich, Architects of Existence, Futuregrapher and others. Recently, he joined the supergroup Dark Sky Alliance under Spotted Peccary Music.

David Helpling


David Helpling is an award-winning recording artist renowned for his distinctive soundscapes that blend haunting melodies with his signature liquid guitar, seamlessly traversing between genres in the ambient electronic field. Operating from his Southern California studio, David self-produces his music, continuously exploring new creative directions through collaborations with other artists. With eight official releases and more underway, he remains a prolific figure in the music scene. David’s innovative approach and unforgettable sound have left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide, continually offering surprises and captivating listeners with each new project.